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Frequently Asked Questions

Aerial Yoga Q&A

What is Aerial Yoga?

One of the most interesting things about aerial yoga is the fact that it’s a blend of disciplines. While it’s a newer type of yoga that mixes traditional yoga poses with pilates and dance, along with the use of a hammock and some of the healing arts.

Aerial yoga is easily modified to suit your ability, and can vary from very easy working out to more moderate (and sometimes very vigorous) workouts.  Your body is supported by a hammock that helps suspend you from the ceiling. It allows you to move your body into positions that would be impossible from the ground. It can allow your muscles to stretch and lengthen, and decompress your spine.


Will I get dizzy/motion sickness with the movements?

Possibly. We recommend trying Aerial yoga multiple times, (2 or 3). Despite the fact that some people are prone to car sickness, some people find Aerial yoga doesn’t negatively affect them. Others have learned how to minimize the swinging movements and are able to be very active in aerial classes. The only way to know for certain, is to give it a try.


I am afraid of heights - will I be able to do this?

As a person with experience, (heights do not agree with me), aerial yoga is one of my favourite styles of yoga. Again, everyone is affected differently, so the only way to know for certain is to give it a try. 


I have no balance - will I fall?

In aerial, there is a body part wrapped in the silk. Typically, you are not sitting or standing freely in the Silks. As you continue to practice Aerial yoga your balance will grow. You do need to remember where your body is, to not let go and listen to your instructor.


Will I fall out of the silk?

Not if you are holding on, breathing and listen to your instructor. You always need to listen to the instructor and understand what part of your body is supporting you in the Silks.  


I get wet, sweaty hands when I am stressed - will I slip out of the Silks?

No. You can grab a towel. Wipe your hands, and continue.


I am worried about blood rushing to my head 

It will rush to your head. However, we are not upside down for long durations of time. Again, the more you practice, the more your body becomes used to these movements and positions.


Will I get disorientated upside down?

Initially, possibly. The first few times I was upside down, I was very disoriented. The more you practice, the more conditioned you become. Instructors also change their directions to aid in less disorientation.


Can I eat or drink before class?

Water, and a light snack. Remember, you will be upside down and spinning and you are your own best advocate, you know you the best.

Do I need to be physically strong to do aerial?

Absolutely not. Aerial will make you stronger.  It increases core, upper body and grip strength. You will increase this as you practice.


What do I wear?

Short sleeves and stretchy capri or pants. No loose clothing or jewelry.


Can anyone attend aerial?

Pregnant woman, someone who is recovering from a surgery, people who suffer from heart diseases, those who have extremely low or high blood pressure and those with severe arthritis cannot participate in aerial yoga.

Are there any benefits to practicing aerial yoga?

Great beginner Exercise

Low Impact

Great for Relaxation

Or intensive cardio

Great core workout = Amazing Abs

Its just plain fun 

Stretches to your fullest height

Eases chronic back pain

Promotes circulation of oxygenated blood


Will I be given any modifications/options if I can’t do something?

Instructors will give modifications and options in your practice, and if you are uncomfortable or uncertain, you can always ask, and you can always sit, rest and relax. Aerial is meant to be fun


Will I slow down the class?

No. There are different levels of students in any style of class. We are thrilled to have new participants, and help them gain confidence and strength in themselves and comfort in the Silks.


Am I to old?

Age is not a factor. If you are healthy, mobile, can stand and hold yourself upright, you can try aerial yoga. Two of our regular participants are in their mid sixties and are incredibly inspiring.

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